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Smartgems is a revolutionary platform in the blockchain era. Its essential meaning is global jewellery digitization.

A secured cryptocurrency ecosystem fully-backed by high quality investment grade jewellery.

  • Store of value
  • Stable in nature
  • Access global market

Members may use the SGSS token to do transaction or purchase goods at discounted price. The unit price of each SGSS may also rise considerably above its initial offering price due to its limited supply and also the increasing demand from international market because of its pegging nature.  

Crystal Features

Main features of Smartgems business model:

  1. World-Class Assets
  2. Prominent marketing team
  3. Blockchain Technology
  4. Stable in value
  5. Redeemable
  6. Trade-able
  7. Certification
  8. Auditable
  9. 100% backed by jewellery
  10. No middleman
  11. Transparency

Smartgems token (SGSS) is an ERC20 compatible token build on the Ethereum blockchain network. Total amount generated is 100 million. A total of 80 million tokens will be available for public particiation. 

“SGSS is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of an underlying asset/jewellery. It is a stable cryptocurrency because the value of these token are kept stable in relation to the underlying asset.”

Smartgems is adopting the blockchain technology to further enhance the profitability and efficiency of the global jewellery industry.

(SGSS token will become one of the most powerful and the top usable cryptocurrency in the blockchain ecosystem.)

Smartgems (SGSS)

A decentralized ecosystem that is 100% backed up by luxurious jewellery to create a stable coin environment.

And at the same time its partial centralized algorithm from the business operations, will ensure project participants will acquire maximum profits from the increasing value of the jewellery due to its scarcity and also from the increasing stock inventories.

Smartgems is tokenizing the world’s precious commodity — jewellery and gemstones. We’re building a liquid method to exchange jewellery’s digital value with a real-world usage and exposure to the jewellery & gemstones industries.

SmartGems is a revolutionary and combination blockchain technological company that unifies currently divided global jewellery markets. SmartGems disruptive trading model is the epoch to new era of economic harmony between the traditional jewellery market and contemporary blockchain marketplaces.

Smartgems ecosystem is powered by two platforms which are in developmental alpha stage. 
a) e-Commerce & Redeem Platform (will be available for public testing during Q1-Q2 2019)
b) Cryptocurrency Instant Exchange


In the coming 2019, the hottest Cryptocurrencies are the one that are backed by real worthy assets (jewellery) that are stable in value. Not digital conceptual cryptocurrency that are susceptible to pump-dump activities! 

Participants can redeem tokens with jewellery. Allows end users to redeem their tokens in the real-world jewellery market without relying upon the hard-to-find expertise.


Vision: Creating a Cryptocurrency with it’s value based on reals assets (precious jewellery). Allocated it in a hybrid nature ecosystem (Decentralization + Centralization) to maintain sustainable growth and avoid wide-swing volatility.


Explore the features we have for you!

Investment grade jewellery as a trade-able digital asset.


Trade-able in the exchanges as a digital commodity.

Blockchain Technology

Based on distributed technology in the Blockchain.


Can be redeemed for jewellery through the project’s marketplace.

Stable in Value

Pegged to investment grade jewellery and gemstone.


Annual audit, performed by a third party company.

Collected Fund Distribution

Jewellery Inventories 80%
Platform Development 5%
Marketing 5%
Technical 5%
Strategic Partnership 5%

The Contribution Funds from the crowdfunding event will be used to further develop the SmartGems Ecosystem, to stock-up jewellery inventories and to build a global jewellery dynasty , to build specific platform tools, strategic partnership, marketing and technical development.

We reserve the right to change the above use of proceeds if our management believes it is in our best interests. Examples of situations that could possibly lead to reallocating the proceeds include stronger (or weaker) than expected user acceptance of the SmartGems Ecosystem, stronger (or weaker) than expected response to the Company’s business model in international markets, or significant changes in macro-economic conditions.

Roadmap and Timeline

image (5) (1)

(Please kindly refer to the Whitepaper for the complete details on our time-line and roadmap structures)

01 Nov 2018
01 Feb 2019
01 May 2019
01 Aug 2018

Token offering for both accredited and member-only participants. Release whitepaper. Marketing conference.

⁕ Launching alpha platform for public testing.
⁕ Testing redemption process.
⁕ Launching Instant Crypto Exchange 
⁕ World-wide Marketing Campaign
⁕ Launch social media channels

⁕ Launching beta platform for final testing.
⁕ Prepare for Crypto-Exchange Listing.
⁕ Publish legal documents.
⁕ Partnership with international assets exchange.

⁕ Primary legal, technical and other analysis.
⁕ Establishment of the final legal scheme, taken into consideration the possibility of tokens legalization as securities and ITO. 
⁕ Publish Redemption reports and tutorial.

*Roadmap and timeline may subject to change without advance notice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smartgems?

The evolution of the world economy has been nearly identical for each commodity. Hundreds of years of hand-to-hand trading in the actual, physical merchandise eventually gives way to more sophisticated financial markets built atop them. This upgrade allows markets to be expand while remaining more secure. Alone among all the other physical commodities, only the jewellery market has never taken this next (and necessary) step and without commoditization, the jewellery trade will remain flawed unrefined and closed. Without commoditization, the jewellery trade has remained flawed, unrefined and closed.

Using the latest technological developments, Smartgems has created a state-of-the-art algorithm that has standardized price evaluation of the precious stones, and compares individual diamond grade to daily market conditions. This standardizes and automates a primitive market – allowing Smartgems to unlock the world’s first financial market for jewellery.

By commoditising the jewellery market, Smartgems has made the commodity accessible to all users who no longer need to rely on hard-to-find expertise. Investors can purchase SGSS tokens, a jewellery-backed digital currency, which can be redeemed in the real-world jewellery market. By being linked to a physical commodity averaging an appreciation of 12-15% annually, the SGSS token remains one of the most stable and promising assets. 

Beyond that the SGSS token will also function as a means of payment that will help kick-start jewelry industries in two ways: by allowing members of the crypto world to purchase jewellery , and as a B2B payment method between members of the diamond industry themselves. 

Smartgems melds hi-tech, a strong base within the crypto community and strategic partnerships in the diamond industry to sit in the driver’s seat of an exciting ecosystem bringing millions of people to the convergence of the crypto and jewellery markets.

Smartgems is domiciled in Cayman Islands, with most operations and development in South East Asia and Europe.

Why invest in Smartgems?

With hard-work, consistency, discipline and marketing strategy, we firmly believe that SGSS will become one of the most powerful, prominent cryptocurrency  in the  world.

  1. It is a stable coin pegged to investment grade jewellery.
  2. SGSS is posed to be one of the most sought after token because of the gradual scarcity of the high grade jewellery.
  3. Smartgems has a very powerful and comprehensive marketing team and strategy.
  4. We are very confident that with SGSS’s limited supply and its sound business operation, SGSS will experience steady rise in the token’s price due to demand exceed the supply.
  5. Apart from the stable-coin factor and also the expected gradual increase of the token price after it is listed in the exchange, part of the revenue gained from our business operation, will be channeled back to the ecosystem to purchase more jewellery to increase the stock inventories, hence higher will be the pegging value of the SGSS token.
Why employing blockchain technology?

By applying blockchain technology based on the revolutionary distributed ledger technology, Smartgems, creates a state-of-the-art system to enable jewellery industry digitization

Tokenizing jewellery allows us to sidestep the inherent individuality of each jewellery, thus breaking down the homogeneity barrier. It acts as a type of ‘second-stage processing,’ converting the value assigned to a physical jewellery into a generic, divisible, jewellery-backed token. Not only can these digital tokens be effortlessly transferred upon contract fulfillment, but they also eliminate the traditional geographic or temporal limitations of jewellery industry.

Our token-jewellery conversion system makes the SGSS Token a new, first-of-its-kind digital asset.

Usages of the SGSS token?

All jewellery and gemstones  will be stored in security vaults of safe deposit box companies that meet the security standards of storing this type of asset. The first batch of these stones is stored in secure vaults of a safe deposit box company in the designated countries.

Blockchain partners we are currently working with or will be working with.

Our Teamship

Smartgems will disclose the full team members’ profile soon.


Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any tokens, nor shall there be any offer, solicitation or sale of SGSS tokens in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful. You should carefully read and fully understand the white paper and any updates. Every potential token purchaser will be required to undergo an on-boarding process that includes identity verification and certain other documentation, which you should read carefully and understand fully because you will be legally bound. Please make sure to consult with appropriate advisers and others.

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